Roulette 3D online casino game

Roulette 3D by iSoftBetEuropean Roulette is in the range of gambling games of every self-respecting online casino (unless it specializes only in slot machines). Large software producers offer several versions of the popular game at once. Many companies also please users three-dimensional online roulette. This review will talk about such a model, released by specialists iSoftBet.

Play online Roulette 3D

In Roulette 3D there are classical European rules with additional verbal bets. On the roulette wheel shows thirty-seven numbers (from 0 to 36), located in the traditional sequence. The layout of the gaming table has standard fields for betting and additional track. The aim of the game is to guess at what number or sector will stop the ball and get a payment on the pre-made bets. It is allowed to combine different bets at your discretion, but you can not exceed the total limit.

Roulette 3D casino game

You can bet chips with a face value of $0.10, $0.50, $1, $5, $25 and $50. The minimum is ten cents for all positions. In a net number accepted no more than ten dollars. On equal chances – up to one hundred and twenty-five. The gameplay in “Roulette 3D” consists of the usual steps. The client makes bets. The virtual dealer launches the ball, after stopping which the winning bets are paid.

We will not list all the positions on which you can bet in this model. The basic external and internal bets are considered in the general rules of the roulette game, described in a separate article.
Let’s only note that bets on sectors, neighbors, as well as red and black splits are accepted along the track.

How to play Roulette 3D? (Interface)

The game has a user-friendly, intuitive and functional interface with a lot of elements that can make the gameplay as pleasant and comfortable as possible. The main part of the screen is a three-dimensional image of roulette with a constantly rotating wheel. Above it is the layout of the table.

On the left you can see the track for betting on sectors and neighbors (move your cursor to any position – and you can see how the numbers involved in the main field are highlighted). On the right is the control panel. On it there are chips of different denominations, as well as buttons designed to run the drum, select bets, clearing the field of chips and so on. Pay attention to the small buttons on the left and right at the top of the screen.

The key opens the section with sound settings, gameplay speed, display tips and other parameters. The question mark launches an additional tab with the rules. The button next to it shows a table with payout odds for bets. On the right there is a cross to close the game, and the image of the monitor, which unfolds the model to the full screen. You do not have to download Roulette 3D, because it opens directly on the casino website in your browser.